There are a number of opportunities for you to contribute towards specific Wipe Tears Africa projects or programs. A donation designated for one of these projects would make a huge improvement to the long term future of Wipe Tears Africa:

“Building for the Future” Campaign:

After much prayer about how to best nurture and support the raising our many school-aged children, the Board of Wipe Tears Africa has agreed and decided that it would be much better if we acquire enough land where construction can taken place for buildings in which they are taken care of in a home setting hence need to purchase land and construct loving homes for the ORPHANS in Wipe Tears Africa organization.

Nursery, Primary and Secondary Boarding School Fees:

Wipe Tears Africa has contacts and good relationship with schools in the community where the orphans and the needy children can go for the best education that can be of great impact for their bright future but we do not have enough scholastic materials and fees. As is common in Uganda, our school children attend boarding schools, which have cost roughly $1800 each child per year. We have worked hard to bring those costs down, such that sending our primary school graduates to Secondary Boarding School costs about $1500 per child annually.

Consider making a designated gift of $1500 to cover the cost of one child in secondary boarding school and at least $500 annually per child in the nursery school. We are grateful any gift or support you can offer to put a smile on the African child.

Support a project

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