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Wipe Tears Africa: 

Wipe Tears Africa is a charitable organization legally registered with the government of Uganda Reg No, 80020000833456 basically offering parental care, counseling, and guidance to over 200 needy and vulnerable children in our communities.


Wipe Tears Africa carried out an assessment and identified vulnerable and needy children in our community so as to offer a solution.

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Director Wipe Tears Africa

Tel: +256 704263583/+2656 776263583

What we do

We give moral support, regular counseling, and guidance to the children, parents and or guardians.

We provide basic needs to vulnerable and needy children, i.e. food, clothes, medication, school fees, and scholastic materials every beginning of term.

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Aims and Objectives:

  • To foster the well-being of children in the country.


  • To foster equal opportunity and well-being of all the children in  the region through the achievement of political, economic, health, culture and education.


  • To create and administer the programs to aid the displaced, homeless, sick, disabled and orphans.


  • To set up projects intended to enhance the cultural, educational and economic development of all children without any form of discrimination based on either religion, tribe, gender, sex, region etc


  • To promote and support healthy programs, nutrition, aids awareness and provision of healthy facilities for the well-being of all children regardless of their religious backgrounds.


  • To promote household food security and improve the nutrition status of children in the both rural and urban communities.


  • To engage in programs aimed at empowering the most needy women socially and economically through supporting them to initiate income generating activities for their self reliance to support their children.


  • To initiate and operate credit schemes for provision of small loans / seed money to rural communities to enable them setup money generating projects.


  • To carry out intensive advocacy campaigns to enhance the rights and equal opportunity of all the children in the country.


  • To actively campaign against oppressive practices that affect the health, proper development and dignity of the children and the youth.


  • To carry out intensive mobilization and educational campaigns on Malaria control, reproductive health, family life education, child labor, and HIV/AIDS in consultation with the government.  


  • To ensure good moral uprightness and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancies, sexual abuse and other related problems among the target groups.


  • To support children from disadvantaged groups , those sexually abused in schools and homes from very poor families, by rehabilitating them and assisting them to rebuild their confidence and social economic welfare.


  • To operate and construct orphanage centers, Vocational schools and health centers for the promotion of the well-being of all the children in the country.


  • To provide psychosocial support to vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS and insurgency in the region.


  • To associate with any organization that subscribes to the above stated objectives.


  • To solicit funds for promoting organization’s activities / objectives as stated above.

Humble Request:

Wipe Tears Africa exists further more to ensure that the needy and orphaned children are supported to fullness and brought up to be a people with a productive status in their communities and the country at large.

It’s to this that Wipe Tears Africa submits it's sincere and kind financial, material, logistical request to potential banking institutions, donor communities, to extend a hand uplifting this organization for the best of life for the African children.

Financing it will stimulate economic growth towards rural development.

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